“How Does The Guru Manage To Save His Disciple Life”

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discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Guru Saves Disciple’s Life.


The link between guru and disciple is sacred and profound in every spiritual tradition. The spiritual teacher, or guru, leads and advises the disciple, or student, in their spiritual path. The guru’s power to save the disciple’s life is one of the most important features of this connection. In this blog, we will look at how the guru saves his disciple’s life.


Q1: Who is a guru, and what is his role in a disciple’s life?

Ans. 1)- A guru is a spiritual instructor who guides and advises his or her disciples on their spiritual journey. A guru gives the required knowledge, wisdom, and guidance to aid the disciple’s spiritual growth.

Q2: How does a guru save his disciple’s life?

Ans. 2)- There are various methods by which a guru might save his disciple’s life. Here are some examples of how a guru might help.

1)- Spiritual Protection:-

A guru can safeguard his disciple spiritually by employing various spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, and chanting. These practices can form a protective shield around the disciple, protecting them from harm.

2)- Healing:

Through spiritual practises and energy healing techniques, a guru can heal his disciple’s bodily, emotional, and spiritual traumas.

3)- Divine Intervention:

A guru might also call for divine help to defend his disciple. To assist his disciple, the guru may use his spiritual powers to communicate with higher creatures like angels, goddesses, and spirits.

4)- Premonition:

A guru may have foresight into his disciple’s future and warn them of any approaching danger. This can assist the disciple in avoiding harm and remaining safe.

Q3: Are there any examples of gurus saving their disciples’ lives?

Yes, there are many examples of gurus saving their disciples’ lives. Here are a few:

1)- There are several anecdotes in Indian folklore of gurus rescuing their pupils from perilous situations. For example, consider the well-known account of Lord Krishna rescuing his follower Arjuna during the Battle of Kurukshetra.

2)- There are legends in the Buddhist tradition of gurus saving their followers from harm through meditation and spiritual practises.

3)- There are accounts in the Sufi tradition of gurus saving their pupils from physical harm through spiritual protection and divine intervention.


To summarise, the relationship between a guru and a disciple is sacrosanct, and the guru’s power to save the disciple’s life is an important component of this relationship. A guru can save the life of his pupil through spiritual protection, healing, divine intervention, and foresight. In diverse spiritual traditions, there are several examples of gurus saving the lives of their pupils. As a result, if you are a disciple, you must select a guru who can lead and safeguard you on your spiritual journey.

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